Best Travel Resources Online | Useful Links All in One Place

Best Travel Resources Online | Useful Links All in One Place

Welcome to my dedicated page to the best travel resources online that will help you plan and prepare for your next trip, vacation, or holiday.

There are so many different travel resources online, it is sometimes difficult to know which company provides the best deals or delivers the greatest quality. I have extensively travelled the world and I’ve picked up some travel tips and travel hacks along the way. I also worked for an airline for 4 years so I know a thing or two about the travel industry, both as an insider, but most importantly as a traveller like you.

My travel resources online provide you an easy to navigate list of all the travel links you need.

This post does contain some affiliate links which means I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. However, I will only ever recommend resources that I personally find useful and have had good experience in using. There are also many others out there so feel free to also do your own research but I’m sure my list will help.

Quick Links to Travel Resources Online

So, let’s get to the good stuff! I have created quick links to all the best travel resources online below. Some of these online travel resources provide several services but I have categorised them for what I typically use them for the most.

Keep scrolling if you want to find out more about why these are some of the best travel resources online and their pros and cons.

Below I provide my honest opinion in what makes some of my favourites the best travel resources online, but also the potential drawbacks.

Best flight and holiday package providers

There are so many different airlines and holiday package providers and I’m sure a lot of them are excellent. It also really depends on where you’re travelling to, departing from and when you’re travelling. However, with those variables in mind, I have listed what I consider to be the best travel resources online for flights and holiday packages below:

Kiwi – Flight & Hotel Search Engine

What is good about it? Kiwi is a great as it gives you the ability to search for anywhere, without having to specify dates. If you want to be inspired and find a cheap flight to somewhere new, it is one of the best travel resources online.

Drawbacks? Kiwi’s flexible search only applies to flights. You need to add dates and a location when looking for hotels or cars. That’s to be expected though right?

Tui Group (Tui & First Choice) Package Holiday Provider

What is good about it? Tui is a UK package holiday provider that has its own fleet of aircraft, holiday reps and deals. First Choice is a sister company within the same group. Everything is taken care of from the flights, transfers, accommodation and potentially food and activities, depending on what you book.

You can book in branch, via the travel resources online, or by phone. You’re not limited to package holidays either, you can also book things separately to create your own trip. Best of all, a lot of the flights are direct! No more long stop overs when flying long-haul.

Drawbacks? Online is the cheapest option as you do pay a subsidy if booking in person or on the phone. All the more reason to check out their travel resources online!

Secret Escapes – Luxury Holidays in the UK & Abroad

What is good about it? Secret Escapes is a free membership only company providing “luxury travel at affordable prices”. You can pick up fantastic deals for luxury holidays that you would pay more for if you book direct. That’s because Secret Escapes gets deals to help hotel companies and holiday providers fill their otherwise empty rooms.

Drawbacks? You never know quite what you’re going to get as the deals are often specific and time limited. However, if you like hunting for bargains then it’s worth a scroll through the Secret Escapes latest offers.

Best hotel booking providers and chains

Expedia – Travel Provider

What is good about it? Expedia is a UK travel company catering for flights, hotels, car rental, package holidays and things to do. Expedia offers reward points that you can save up or use against new bookings, with no minimum spend. Expedia is my preferred company for hotels and I find that they often have the best prices, even after shopping around.  

Drawbacks? Expedia is an online travel booking system and is fairly limited in terms of search parameters. If you have exact dates and locations then this won’t be an issue, but if you’re open to new ideas, then this isn’t the best tool to use, until you’re ready to book at least.

What is good about it? tends to be everyone’s go-to company to book hotels, from 5* resorts, to shared accommodation and hostels. If you’re a member, you often also get ‘genius’ discounts and offers which can be very enticing! is easy to use, easy to amend and cancel and customer service is usually really good.

Drawbacks? will not always be the cheapest hotel provider or there are other companies that will include breakfast etc. for the same price. I always check on first, but I then check other companies to see what offers they have.

What is good about it? is one of the well known travel resources online that offers the ability to book different hotels. Their key selling point is that for each hotel stay, you earn a reward point and when you reach 10 stays, you receive a free hotel reward night. There are also secret prices and offers for members, in a similar way to what does with its ‘genius’ platform.

Drawbacks? Similar to, the price you get on is the price you pay. Therefore, it is useful to look around before you finally book as you could find the same hotel cheaper… but you wouldn’t then clock up the rewards.

Best travel activity and experience providers

Group Tours

The thing that got me into travel in a big way was a 6 months solo backpacking trip I did around South East Asia in 2010. Since then, I now fit travel around work and although I’ll still find time for a solo trip, I’ve also enjoyed the benefit of group travel. There are pros and cons of group tours but they are a good way to meet like-minded travellers and see a lot of things in a country that you wouldn’t necessary do with your friends or on your own. I have always been satisfied with the quality, knowledge and experiences with the group tour providers below:

G Adventures:

What is good about it? G Adventures is one of the biggest organised small group tour operators that cover worldwide destinations. G Adventures tend to be reasonably priced and have a good choice of additional activities you can do while you’re away. They cater for all age groups and even do family group tours to certain destinations.

Drawbacks? If you’re joining a group tour and do not want to share a room with a random person, then you may have to pay a single supplement for the privacy of your own room.

Activity Providers

Adventure activities are my favourite part of travel and therefore I’m passionate about ensuring I book with a reputable company that has good reviews. It’s easy to just walk into a travel tour company when you’re on holiday but how do you know whether the activity is any good or not? All you have to go on is the sales persons word for it. It might be fantastic, then again it might not. That’s why it is so useful to have travel resources online because you can find out what there is to do in your destination, the cost and also whether people recommend it!

My favourite travel resources online for activities are listed below.

Get Your Guide

What is good about it? Get Your Guide provides travel resources online that caters to different activities, from private tours to adrenaline experiences. The site is really easy to navigate, you can read the reviews and the activities are usually high quality and reasonably priced. Best of all theirs a free and easy cancellation policy.

Drawbacks? Some locations have several of similar activities and not as much variety, but worth looking here first to get an idea of what they do have as there are still lots of options.

Viator (Trip Advisor)

What is good about it? Viator is Trip Advisors activity booking service so it is one of those travel resources online you may have encountered without even knowing it. There are usually a lot more options than Get my Guide as people can apply to have their experience featured which is a different model to Get my Guide.

Drawbacks? There is sometimes too many things to trawl through, but that’s not an issue if you have a clear idea of what you want to do. Some of the people offering the tours are writing them up themselves and you can tell in the different quality of the photos/text that accompanies them. This doesn’t necessarily impact the quality of the tour, but it feels less professional than Get my Guide.

Buy a Gift

What is good about it? is a great company for buying experience gifts, or even just for buying yourself an experience at an often discounted rate. There are many types of activities on offer, as well as gift cards and packages where the recipient can select their experience from many. I have found that some experiences such as the zip world karts are cheaper when you buy through a provider like this, than if you buy from the company direct.

Drawbacks? If like me, you use this company to look for cheaper deals, it adds another step in terms of booking/activating the code. Worth it though to save some hard earned money!

Red Letter Days

What is good about it? Red Letter Days are very similar to in that they offer experience gifts or packages. It is really easy to navigate the site and find the right experience, location etc. and the gift cards come well presented.

Drawbacks? Same draw backs as in the redemption step, plus there is an expiry on the gifts of usually within a year.


What is good about it? eBay is my favourite retailer for pretty much all things. Not only can you find some real second hand bargains, but the platform has really stepped up for brand new items. I find that most things on eBay are cheaper than Amazon and the speed of delivery has really picked up.

Drawbacks? There are a lot of items for sale from international countries so you need to double check delivery details before booking to make sure the items are going to arrive when you need them. While there is great buyer protection, if you have a dispute, you may have a long waiting time for a resolution while eBay give the individual sellers time to resolve the issues.

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