About Me | Authentic Travel Blogger

About Me | Authentic Travel Blogger

Hi, I’m Kerry

UK based Travel Blogger exploring the world in search of adventure

My travel blog is dedicated to travellers who are looking for adventure in their life. The type of people that are always searching for the next destination, or to tick something off a never ending bucket list. I’m a travel blogger that likes to give you a guide of the main things to do, what to see and all of the key attractions. Does adventure, discovery and exploration sound like your jam? If it does, then my content is designed specifically for YOU!

If you’re a Veggie, like me, you’ll also get some tips and genuine advice about where is good to eat vegetarian food. Meat-eater? Don’t worry! You’ll find loads of other useful information that will absolutely inspire your next adventure.

What will you get out of reading my travel blog?

I believe that life is about meeting new people, discovering new places, making memories and living life to the full! If you’ve come this far, it sounds like you think that too.

Whether you’re travelling with friends or going it solo, this blog is for you.

In the past I have been guilty of rocking up to a new country and just winging it. Sure, there have been times that I’ve gone off the beaten track and come across some amazing things that I probably wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. But, there has also been countless other times where I’ve missed main attractions entirely!

Time is precious. Make every moment count

Don’t be like the old me! I want to help other people make the most of their travel, so read my blogs to:

  • Get honest and real-life advice about fantastic worldwide travel destinations
  • Find unique experiences and things to do while you’re travelling
  • Know where to go to eat good food!
  • Understand what you might need to do to prepare yourself for your trip
  • Be inspired…

I have designed my site with travellers in mind and I hope that you can find what you want really easily. To help you get started, click on the buttons below to be taken to my travel category pages which will give you all the relevant posts about that category:

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Me diving to the bottom of the sea in the Maldives while snorkelling to see what different tropical fish I can find

Action & Adventure

I search out fun and unique things to do and will give anything a try, particularly if it involves wildlife, adrenaline or music! That being said, whilst you might find me ready to jump off the edge of a mountain, I’m still terrified! But I’m a big believer of facing my fears.

Enjoying specially prepared vegetarian Japanese sushi at our hotel in the maldives with a generous glass of red wine

Veggie Cuisine

I’ve been Veggie for a while now and figured out early on how important it is look ahead if you want to find somewhere with a good selection of tasty food. But, don’t worry, I have you covered! I’ll share the best places I find and also the ones to avoid!

Me drinking a Lychee Martini at a cocktail bar in Bali, Indonesia

City Guides

Travel wouldn’t be complete without experiencing everything the city has to offer. This includes the best nightlife and the culture, history and heritage of the destination. I also provide information about getting around, where to stay and top tips to make the most out of the cities I feature.

You can take a girl out of the north, but you can’t take the north out of the girl

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Travel is my passion so if its yours too, why not subscribe to my blogs, connect through social media or contact me to discuss collaboration opportunities.

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I’m a Travel Blogger who loves to connect with my readers and also hear your stories about travel. I might travel a lot, but I’m always looking for new things to do and your experiences will help me with that. My Instagram is below, but you can also connect with me on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Just click the social media icons on this page.

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